Snackbrands Kettle Popcorn

Snackbrands is a manufacturer of potato and corn chips for the grocery trade in Australia. Their chips are proudly Australian made.

With 74% of Australian households buying at least one of their products every year this equates to production of over 200 million packets per annum.


Snackbrands had a concept to bring an existing ‘pillow-pack sized’ product, flavoured popcorn, to petrol/convenience store outlets in a handy single-serve cup (easy to sit in car cup holder). To do this they needed to overcome two unique challenges:

  1. Popcorn deteriorates very quickly when exposed to moisture laden air. MultipackFood’s testing determined a very short time frame, from bulk product to re-package in an individually sealed single serve pack, before the product spoiled.
  2. Each filled cup weight had to be exact. With the bulk product varying when ‘popped’ – some popcorn pops bigger so uses more space, while other popcorn’s density weighs more using less space – a unique QC program had to be implemented to meet the cup’s dual standards of weight and volume.


MultipackFood’s solution broke new ground requiring a paradigm shift in the packaging process.

  1. The first challenge was time. After extensive trials and unique modifications to equipment, the bulk product in the hopper was delivered to a finished sealed cup within the required timeline – eliminating product wastage and ensuring product freshness.
  2. The second challenge – product packaging volume appearance – required a company first: ‘dual’ quality control. To achieve an exact result, each cup would be measured twice, once by volume via a specifically designed volumetric filler that ensured each cup was filled to required ‘visual level’ – to appear full. Then in the same processing line, each cup would be ‘check weighed’ to meet the finished pack weight requirements.


Snackbrands were delighted to bring this new product into the convenience sector in a unique ‘cup’ packaging that looked full when opened, that tasted great and could be produced cost effectively.

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