Shine Nootropics Drink

In 2015 when results of a number of studies were released that showed certain ingredients and compounds (known as ‘Nootropics’) can assist cognitive function and mental clarity, Shine began developing Australia’s first Nootropic drink.

Shine says “we exist to help people think, feel and do better. To rid the world of bad energy.”


Shine faced a few challenges in bringing their product to market:

  1. As an entrepreneurial start-up, pioneering a new drink category, low liquid ‘batch’ volumes were not seen as viable by traditional beverage manufacturers.
  2. Further, ‘shot’ drink bottles – with low volumes at100ml – again didn’t meet typical industrial contract packaging production and equipment capabilities.
  3. As a ‘niche’ product with low production volumes, high unit prices limited larger trade distribution opportunities.


First and foremost, as an innovative contract packaging company, MultipackFood believes in supporting entrepreneurial start-ups. To meet the client’s ‘low volume, small bottle’ packaging challenge required combining 30+ years of knowledge and capabilities.

  1. Utilising technical innovation and Lean Six Sigma principles allowed MultipackFood to create the unique packaging solution – inclusive of blending exacting client formula in low volumes and filling small sized pre-printed glass bottles – that helped launch the early stage product to market.
  2. As the client’s range and volumes grew, further equipment modification drove down unit cost, while incremental improvements to packaging – metal caps and high impact bottle sleeving – were introduced. Refinements that contribute to meeting the major trade distributors requirements, like Coles and Woolworths, to range the product.


Partnering with MultipackFood allowed Shine to grow with confidence.

Initial support helped Shine launch their new category product, then effortlessly extend their range by testing low volumes without compromising the product quality and unique packaging.

As demand and volume grew, quality and delivery requirements for major national trade distributers could be met confidently.

“We are so grateful that we’ve shared this journey together since we first met.”

“We have been using Multipack as our manufacturing partner for our shine+ shots range since we launched in 2016. In that time we have evolved together through a series of equipment and capability upgrades as we’ve grown. Multipack’s dedication and commitment to our success has been outstanding.”
Steve Chapman | CEO & Co-Founder

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